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Alternative Gift Ideas for Baby Showers

Posted on November 10 2017

Baby Showers… it turns out the tradition of showering a mum to be with gifts and well wishes, is somewhat of an ancient ritual that has been part of cultures everywhere for centuries! Thankfully… mums today receive tons of practical, and some gloriously impractical gifts, rather than the dried fruit showers of bygone days in India (although if mama has a craving, let’s not rule it out!!) 

Baby Shower Gifts Today: In Ireland more and more parents are finding out the gender of their babies so you may be buying for a little boy or a little girl. At Young Hearts we love unisex clothes, so we try and buy items that can be passed down through generations, no matter what the gender is. We have tons to beautiful clothes to choose from, we always try to source organic cottons so they are extra soft and kind to babies skin, which you can find here.

What clothes you buy might depend on the time of year the baby is due to be born, so for today’s blog we are focusing on cool gift ideas that are non-seasonal.

Here are some of our top picks for baby shower shoppers who want to pick something unique and special for their friend or family members' big day.

Top Picks for Baby Shower Gifts:

A Beautiful Blanket –
Lots of mums start to shop for their baby from the 20 week scan mark, and first on many mums lists are practical things like vests. We find many mums love getting a special blanket as a gift as they might just not have thought to get one yet, and also blankets ten to be on show a lot, in the pram, hospital or when people come over to visit, and it’s a nice treat to have one special one that was chosen for you by a friend.

Blankets start from €28 - Shop Blankets Here

Yesmum Cards – Being a mum isn't easy, and there will be times where mums might worry are they doing things right. Drawing on techniques from mindfulness and hypnobirthing, yesmum affirmation cards are a mums daily pat on the back. A quick, straightforward way to access the power of positive programming and start each day with strength and self-assurance. We have had so many wonderful stories of mums using these and it having a positive effect on their mindset, so we know they work!

Yesmum cards are €13.50 - Shop the Yesmum Collection Here

Organic Monochrome Muslins – these are a hero purchase that serve so many practical purposes as well as being really stylish. We have a range of different types but they are all organic, so super kind to the skin, and they are all designed to help babies sensory skills develop over the first 4 months. These designs help them focus as their eye sight develops. They also double as blankets for swaddling and can mop up tears, dribble and any reflux.

Muslins starts from €20 - Shop Muslins Here

Baby’s first book – we love the idea of gifting books. We have a range of soft books from Wee Gallery, they are made with soft fabrics and designed by husband and wife design duo of a graphic designer and a teacher. The books are designed to stimulate little eyes, be tactile and as they are so soft, they are a great first toy for little grabby hands. They all come in a cute presentation box so make for a really clever gifts.

Books start from €14.50 - Shop Books Here

Canvas Growth Charts – if you bring one of these to a baby shower, you will
most likely have the most unique gift that everyone will adore! We have a range of canvas growth charts that simply hang on babies wall and as they grow Mum and Dad can mark off just how tall their little one is getting… they also make for beautiful nursery décor in their own right with forest, farm and safari animal versions to choose from.

Growth Charts are €34.95 - Shop Growth Charts Here

For more baby shower gift inspiration, we have put together a Baby Shower Gift section here… happy shopping!


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