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Hospital Bag Essentials - some tips!

Posted on January 09 2017

Packing that hospital bag can be tricky. There is so much advice out there and most of the time you don't know how long you'll be staying for! I've put together a list of some things that I used and found useful.

I've also listed the every day lovely toiletries I use for Casper too - we've used lots!!!

Changing Bag

  • Tiba + Marl Weekender leopard print – this huge versatile bag has plenty of space for your hospital essentials, alongside a bottle warmer, a changing mat and a cross body bag which is perfect for storing nappies and nappy bags. The bag will come in really handy post hospital too as a very large changing bag, travel bag or even gym bag!!

Tiba + Marl Leopard Print RAF Weekender Tiba + Marl Black Weekender open view


  • Water wipes – basically just cotton and water they have absolutely no nasties and are perfect for newborn delicate skin, and so worth it.
  • Nappy bags – for the offending nappies but also great for dirty clothes too
  • Nappies size 1 – you’ll probably need 6-7 per day as they poop a lot to start with
  • Special first pic / going home outfit – some suggestions below!
  • 3/4 short sleeve bodysuits
  • 3/4 sleep suits
  • 1 hat if in winter (but most hospitals are roasting)
  • 1 pair of mittens if you’re worried about them scratching themselves or just swaddle in a nice blanket
  • Blanket
  • Tip - put baby’s first outfit in a ziplog bag – so have a nappy, vest, sleepsuit and hat ready to go and easily accessible. This can go to the labour ward with you if you don’t get to take everything – it is also easy for Dad to have everything to hand ;)

Moobles & Toobles Doodle RomperMoobles & Toobles Blush hat

Moobles & Toobles Nougat RomperMoobles & Toobles Doodle Hat

 Playsuits and hats above are from Irish designed Moobles & Toobles


  • Big pants – and I do mean go as big as you can get – Marks & Spencers or Pennys will have them
  • Pads – thick fat ones will work best for those first few days, then have a stash of lighter ones at home for the next few weeks
  • Nursing bra (if you want to nurse) – I’d say go one or two sizes up from your current size for the hospital, something not too fancy/ expensive – then when your milk comes in after a few days and you fancy getting out of the house go and get yourself fitted for something a bit nicer and fitted properly. You’ll want a nice bra, trust me, it’s the little luxuries that keep you going at the beginning!!
  • Lansinoh nipple cream – if nursing I’d definitely recommend putting on this nipple cream after your first feed and every feed thereafter. Its going to hurt until your nipples toughen up a bit, and this is definitely a nip saver! (Safe for baby - no need to remove before feeding, and available in Boots)
  • Breast Pads – you can buy disposable ones, or you can go for washable ones – I loved these Bamboo ones
  • Toiletries – your usual mini bottles, hair band, brush, tooth brush, HAND CREAM and LIP BALM! You’ll be so dehydrated so make sure you use these last two! That first shower with some luxury shower gel can really really make a difference to how you feel too.
  • Dressing Gown – a thin cotton dressing gown is perfect for modesty, and keeping you and baby covered without getting too hot. Hospitals are roasting so you won’t want your thick fleecy gown!
  • Nursing string tops – handy for sleeping in too, as well as for feeding and quick access to boobs.
  • Loose, warm clothing for coming home in. Don’t forget some runners in case you make it into hospital in your slippers!
  • Flip-flops / slippers – sometimes hopsitals are too warm so flip-flops are handier. Maybe pack a pair for your partner too as it can be warm for them waiting around!
  • Bottle for water and cereal / snack bars – honestly I’ve never been so thirsty and hungry in my life! (Tip to have a savoy cabbage in the fridge waiting for you when you come home and pop them in your bra asap on day 3/4)

Hospital Bag Essentials

Baby Toiletries – I’ve used lots on Casper over the past year and these are my favourite

  • Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier cream clears up nappy rash within hours
  • Bepanthen - recommended nappy cream by lots of midwifes I've met
  • Arveeno Soothing Relief Emollient Wash 
  • Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water is amazing – just pump a few drops onto some cotton bud and use it to wipe babies face its so delicate, cleans and smells divine
  • Welled Calendula Baby Oil - perfect for baby massage and treating any dry patches 
  • Klorane Baby Gentle Foaming Gel and Nutrition Cream with Cold Cream are my favourites
  • Kokoso Baby – coconut balm perfect for dry skin all over

Comment below if you've other great hospital or baby toiletry tips!!
XX Sarah XX


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