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Meet the Maker - Kate Crean - Dusty Boy Designs

Posted on October 28 2016





Meet the Maker Dusty Boy Designs‘I also love watching our business grow; it's very much a part of Justin and myself
so we treat it like our baby!’

Tell us your start up story? How and when did you start your business?
Dusty Boy was very much a concept that grew with myself and Justin over time.
We Kate and Justy of Dusty Boy Designshad a long distance relationship for a while and when the time came to decide who was moving where, it was Justin who upped sticks and moved to Ireland. 

He had owned and worked in a second hand bookstore in South Africa for years and so had a natural love of all things considered and slow paced.  Once he moved here, he went back to college and studied Visual Communications ... his obsession with technology, books and graphics coupled with my love of beautiful art, design and colour meant that the birth of Dusty Boy, a paper goods company, was inevitable! 

What does your brand stand for / what is important to you?

We love the idea that through using our products, somebody might be inspired to build their dreams.  Our wall prints were created very much with that in mind as were our desk pads and notebooks ... there is something really cathartic about putting pen to paper and really letting go!  

How did you come up with your name?

When Justin moved here first, my little niece Mae, who was two at the time couldn't pronounce his name and called him Dusty and it's stuck ever since!  Justin is from South Africa and using the word "boy" from parent to child is a term of endearment!  We decided that it would be really sweet to tag the two together and Dusty Boy was born

What do you love most about running your own business?
I love that we can work from home and have the lifestyle that we both really crave.  I also love watching our business grow; it's very much a part of Justin and myself so we treat it like our baby! 

What keeps you motivated?
I think because we both really love what we do, it doesn't feel like work.  We have created a brand that at the moment is all about stationery but we hope to really grow that out.  The fact that the possibilities with Dusty Boy are endless always helps to get us out of bed in the morning!

What inspires you?
Nature is a really big source of inspiration for both of us.  We live in the middle of the countryside and as soon as we step outside, we are immersed in beautiful colour and textures always. 

Tell us about the theme for AW 16?
Our new collection, which we are launching in the next couple of weeks, is called Sprinkle Sprinkle and is definitely a little festive with lots of moody greens and charcoals to choose from! 

How do you keep the balance in your life?
We try to get OUT as much as possible.  Because we are a married couple, working from home, the house can get a little claustrophic sometimes so we make sure we get some fresh air into us and head off through the fields with our three dogs!!  By the time we get back, whatever is facing us always looks a little brighter!

What are the key items you have in your handbag that you cannot live without?
I always have to have a notebook or three on the go and a good pen (I am annoyingly fussy about what kind of pen I use - ask Justin!!), Vaseline and a packet of Haribos!!






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