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Meet the Maker - Rosie Antunes - Sunflower Seedling

Posted on September 29 2016

Meet the Maker Sunflower Seedling

'I combined child development and neuron research with the worlds
I created from my own drawings and ta dah! The vision was created'



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Tell us your start up story? How and when did you begin?
We began accidentally! Probably like most businesses!

I was a first time mother and motherhood was extremely overwhelming for me, most days I didn’t know how I would get through the day, I definitely had the baby blues and it wasn’t a nice experience! At one poRosie from Sunflower Seedlingint when my daughter was around 4 months I felt as if I was losing myself, my identity, almost the past 29 years of my life that had created the person I was, changed in what felt in an instance.

I had graduated with an MA in Fine Art a couple of years earlier, and really felt that I needed to focus on my creativity again, and felt that this could maybe help me feel almost ‘normal’ again.

I began by drawing (something I loved and have been doing since I could pick up a pen!), I drew worlds where the make believe was possible, where magic and reality had no boundaries.

Being a mother that researches into practically everything for babies and children, not just the facts, but reading the psychology behind things, chemical influences, biological influences etc…..I research to the point until the very end, whether that is one pages or several months of reading!

Through this I became interested in baby sensory, and the concept of the world for babies in the first few years of their lives. The basic principle of visual sensory (high contrast) imagery was easy for me to apply to my designs, however, our other elements needed much more work.

So I combined child development and neuron research with the worlds I created from my own drawings and ta dah! The vision was created.

Well, let’s rewind the first blanket I made for my daughter was spotted and I was asked to make this for other families with babies….that’s when I thought that I could turn this into a business!

What does your brand stand for / what is important to you?
The two things we feel that our products need to have are they need to be beneficial to the baby/ child in an educational/ learning way (to create strong foundations for future learning), and secondly, good contemporary design (so the products will look good too wherever you are!)

How did you come up with your name?
‘Sunflower Seedling’ was a name that I called my daughter when she was born, so the company was named after her!

What do you love most about running your own business?
That I can create a work schedule around my family (most of the times), and I am free to design and make in ways I choose!

What keeps you motivated?
My work ethic since a very young age has been never to waste time! So I am nearly always doing something. I think my motivation is to fill my life with as much as possible, with the time I have…so that’s my motivation!

What inspires you?
Many things! Contemporary dance, poetry, ancient scriptures, literature, architecture, nature, Japanese aesthetics and its history and martial arts!

How do you keep the balance in your life?
Urm… not sure really! At the moment I spend the days with my daughter, and when she’s asleep work on average 7 hours a night…then repeat. I work almost full time and have my daughter full time too, and make time once a week for family time! Some days I give myself a day off! I still manage to see friends and family in this time too.

What do you do with your kids when you’re not working?
At the moment, my daughter is becoming a ‘threenager’….so some days are exceptionally challenging! She loves to learn, actually she loves the word ‘learning’. At the moment we are teaching her to write, she’s learning her additions and spellings and telling the time. So we make time for this everyday, and with all of the other time, it’s all play! Whether that’s in her garden house, painting, drawing etc. She attends some classes too, so they fill up the morning/ afternoon.

What are the key items you have in your handbag that you cannot live without?
Phone, purse, lip balm and most importantly keys! Since having a baby, my bag contents have downsized dramatically (however, my bags get bigger!).

Any busy mum survival tips?
Keep going but enjoy the journey!

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